Take Off Your Pants And Binge With The Best Of Them

Whether you’re not in the mood to go out this weekend, or you’re procrastinating something furious for that upcoming exam, Netflix is here for you. Binge Worthy Netflix_photo poll    

What should you do? Get cozy, log on to your roommate’s Netflix account and start binge watching, of course. But, which show should you tune in to? That choice alone could take hours without the serious insider knowledge that we’re about to dish out in this article.

According to a recent poll from the University of Arkansas, the best Netflix series you should be watching right now is Narcos.   Though, it can’t go without mentioning that Orange is the New Black came in at a very close second.      

With over 3,000 votes, this poll just goes to show that college students really care about their series.

And this poll only hit the very tip of the iceberg. There are tons of original Netflix shows that you should definitely be watching on those lazy days at home.          

If you’re a real binger, i.e. the type of person who has to watch an entire season, or series back to back, then get ready to put on your sweatpants, get cozy, and Netflix and chill for the long haul.   You better order in this weekend because you’re not going anywhere for a while. 


Best Netflix Shows_photo_House of Cards

House of Cards

If you’re into political scandals and/or Kevin Spacey, then you’ll want dive into this show ASAP.         In House of Cards, Congressman Frank Underwood goes to great lengths to rise up in politics including blackmail and seduction. You will be wondering if the man is a sociopath, that’s for sure. Spoiler alert: He probably is. But, aren’t most politicians? Ah, the corruption of the political system.

For those of you who love pushing boundaries to the extreme, you’ll want to see House of Cards. The ruthless drama will make you question the human race. It’s a bit like a train wreck. You just can’t look away.

Binge Worthy Netflix_photo_HG

Hemlock Grove

If dark, broody and supernatural is your thing, then Hemlock Grove is for you.

Grab your bae or your favorite cuddle buddy and turn the lights of for this intense, supernatural drama. In this series, two friends, a rugged werewolf and a dark creature called an upir (very similar to a vampire) struggle to find out who killed a girl in a town full of secrets.

With the twists and turns, you won’t be thinking about that assignment that’s due next week. You’ll be too disgusted by the sex, gore and unbelievable plot twists and turns to look away.


Binge Worthy Netflix_photo_S8


If you loved Heroes back in the day, then you’ll love Sense8.

In this series, people all over the world find out that they’re connected to each other through some seriously trippy visions. To be honest, this show takes a bit of time to reel you in, but once you’re hooked you won’t be able to stop. 

Sci-fi fanatics, go ahead and grab a bag of Cheetos and settle in for this mystery. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop (not that you’ll want to).  


Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 8.15.36 PM

Orange Is The New Black

Get a whole new view of prison life with this hilarious show that tackles some decidedly real issues. The ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary cover it all—scheming, drug dealing, romance and more. With a variety of diverse and eye opening storylines, you’ll easily fall in love with these inmates. 

As one of the most popular shows on Netflix, this is one that can (and totally should) be watched in one go. Don’t even bother getting out of bed with this one. Just order some pizza and make it an all-nighter.

 Warning: This series may change your outlook on the prison industrial complex. You may walk away from Orange Is The New Black with a serious belief in prison reform.  


Binge Worthy Netflix_photo_D


Get your weekly dose of action hero with this comic book series. Daredevil takes you to the city of Hell’s Kitchen and delivers some seriously kick ass version of justice to its kingpin of crime.       In the daytime, Daredevil is Matt Murdock, attorney of the law. What’s even cooler? The hero is blind. 

The action packed show is a nonstop ride you won’t want to get off. Grab your sidekick and watch justice get served. Who needs sleep anyway? Sleep is for the weak. 

Binge Worthy Netflix_photo_UKS

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt

Looking for a show about self-discovery in the Big Apple after thinking the world has ended? Look no further. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt has it all.         After living with a cult in a bunker, Kimmy Schmitt comes into the world, ready for new experiences such as (but not limited to) sexting, high school, and crushes. All of these things you can sympathize with, of course. 

This show will totally turn whatever bad day you’re having into an unbelievably awesome one. If Kimmy’s hilarious and upbeat outlook on life doesn’t make you smile, then the theme song will.

      “They alive, dammit! It’s a miracle!”

Binge Worthy Netflix_photo_UKS II


Binge Worthy Netflix_photo_WHAS

Wet Hot American Summer

You’ll never look at summer camp the same way again after seeing Wet Hot American Summer.     New to Netflix, this comedy will have you rofl-ing in no time as you watch the campers of Camp Firewood going through the hard times of their sexual awakenings. Relatable, right?          

It’s also pretty cool that this Netflix original comes from the cult classic movie of the same name. 

This is the type of tv show that you can easily work into a drinking game with your friends. So, gather your friends, snuggle around your tiny laptop screen, and experience the awkwardness of being a teenager all over again. Though, this time booze is allowed.

Binge Worthy Netflix_photo_Narcos


You love Breaking Bad? Well get ready to land yourself right in the middle of some even more serious drug trafficking.    

It’s the 1970s and cocaine is pouring into the U.S. thanks to Pablo Escobar. This true and deadly journey of his rise and fall in the cocaine kingdom will leave you stunned beyond belief.

Binging on Narcos will easily turn into your own personal drug addiction. You’ll be rooting for the super villain that is Escobar. Press play binge-oholics. Press play.

Binge Worthy Netflix_gif_Narcos

However, if you just don’t feel like watching a Netflix original, here are a few shows that are also must sees.


Binge Worthy Netflix_photo_TWD

The Walking Dead

When vampires and werewolves don’t do the trick for you then zombies will.        

There’s plenty of guts and gore here. With the classic zombie outbreak, a group struggles to survive. Nobody is safe, not even the main characters. Can you handle it? Only one way to find out. Binge.

This is a great gore fest for you lovers of the undead. If your stomach is weak, keep your wastebasket on standby. Become brain dead with the best of ’em. 

Binge Worthy Netflix_photo_CM

Criminal Minds

Just another crime show? No way! This intense drama follows the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) as they track down psychopaths. Prepare to be unnerved.        

What is truly disturbing though, is that you get to watch these aforementioned psychopaths kill people while the BAU is hunting them down. Some oBinge Worthy Netflix_photo_CM IIf these cases are wild.      

But, the BAU team is even wilder as they do whatever it takes to get the criminal.

Odds are, you won’t be leaving bed just because you’re addicted to this one. The quotes at the beginning of every episode will inspire you get that “quote of the day” app and the witty banter throughout the show will keep you coming back for more. 

Sons of Anarchy

Motorcycles, guns and questionable morals? Yes, please!        

Girls, don’t be fooled by this male-driven cast. These bad boys are very good at making you quake and question not only their sanity but your own.        

This show is one badass guilty pleasure you’ll love to gush about. While running guns to gangs and running an auto-shop, the Sons Of Anarchy aka SAMCRO have to protect their families from those who want to hurt them.

Grab your boyfriend or girlfriend and settle in for six seasons of bad to the bone goodness. You are going to want a motorcycle or at least date someone who has one. You know what, ditch the boyfriend/girlfriend and find one with a motorcycle. 

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What is your go-to series to Netflix and chill?

We’ve given you the list, now you have to choose. Which one are you going to going to spend countless hours on?   Do you have a go-to favorite series that you just can’t live without? Let us know in the comments.

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