Poll Reveals Top 8 Cities For College Graduates

A recent poll from the Whatsgoodly app asked students to select best U.S. city to live in after college.  

Unsurprisingly, New York City ranked number one in the poll that boasted nearly 4,000 respondents from college campuses across the country.

Chicago was a close second, with San Francisco coming in third.  

Check out the infographic below to see the full results:




The Top 8 Cities To Live In After College

Image Source: University of Michigan

8. Washington, D.C.

Average rent for one bedroom: $2,000

Pros: If you majored in law or political science, D.C. is clearly the place to be. It’s not uncommon to hobnob with Congressmen and women, or make some serious political connections in this city.

Cons: If you’re planning on having kids, remember that D.C. has one of the most failing school systems in the entire country. Parking isn’t so hot either.

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7. Boston

Average rent for one bedroom: $2,300

Pros: Boston is a great city for young people. Cambridge is especially hip and boasts great cafes and nightlife. 

Cons: The winter season may make you regret your Boston move, according to many locals. Additionally, bars close fairly early at 2AM. 


Image Source: Double Tree Hilton

6. Austin

Average rent for one bedroom: $1,500

Pros: Austin was ranked number one by both Bloomberg and Forbes in 2013 as the most booming town in the U.S. and the best city for jobs. South by Southwest isn’t bad either.

Cons: The summers are brutally hot and the traffic has increased exponentially with the population boom.


Image Source: Lennar.com

5. Dallas

Average rent for one bedroom: $ 1,150

Pros: Snow is a rare sight during Dallas winters. And, not everyone is a cowboy. Though, you can wear cowboy boots when you go out to party in Dallas’s nightlife scene, if you’re into that.

Cons: The summers are known for being rather hot and dry and the scenery is a bit lacking outside the city.


4. Los Angeles

Average rent for one bedroom: $1,700

Pros: The LA Times says, “If you live like a poor college kid for a little while longer you’ll be okay in the long run.” So, if you’re willing to work that barista job for a few years while you wait for your big break, LA could be for you.

Cons: Smog, traffic and pseudo celebrity sightings are a real drag in LA.


San Francisco

3. San Francisco

Average rent for one bedroom$3,300

Pros: The startup scene is thriving in San Francisco and the Bay Area. If you’re into tech, or entrepreneurship, San Fran is probably the place you want to be.

Cons: Gentrification and dislike of the tech-bourgeoisie has fueled protests in the Bay Area. Not to mention, finding housing is a difficult situation if you’re on a budget.



2. Chicago, IL

Average rent for one bedroom: $1,500

Pros: The incredible food selection, top notch architecture and plethora of museums and nightlife keep many Chicago residents staying in this top city.

Cons: Chicago has beautiful autumns and summers but the 6 month winters are a doozy thanks to the lake effect.


Image Source: WallpaperUp

1. New York City

Average rent for one bedroom: $3,000

Pros: You’re in the Big Apple! You can visit Time Squares and Soho anytime you want. Everyone knows New York is the capital of food, entertainment and nightlife in the U.S. and poll respondents didn’t disagree that New York is a great place to start your career after college.

Cons: Unless you can afford the average rent, you will be living in a small apartment, with a plethora of roommates, or way outside of the actual city.

Where would you live?

If you could live anywhere in the U.S., where would you choose? Let us know in the comments!

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