47% Of Students Have Different Political Beliefs Than Their Parents

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political_beliefs_survey_college_students_2015_parentsAccording to a recent Whatsgoodly poll from Colby College, 53% of college students reported that they have the same political orientation as their parents.      

On the other hand, 35% of students responded that they are more liberal than their parents and 12% reported that they are more conservative.

With over 4,000 respondents, this poll seems to suggest that university students are more prone to change their political beliefs to be more liberal, rather than more conservative.  

After all, we can’t forget that 60% of 18-29 year olds voted for Obama in the 2012 election, according to the National Election Pool. Will Millennials continue to skew Democratic?

Comments from respondents on this poll were quite varied. For example, students with one liberal parent and one conservative parent, may have found this poll difficult to respond to.


Additionally, other political parties may not have been represented at all in this poll. It’s important to note that many college students may not fall into the Democratic/Republican binary.


And finally, whereas students whose parents are incredibly conservative, may have trouble coming out to their parents about topics like their sexual orientation, coming out in regards to their political beliefs could also pose a challenge.


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