How University Students Use Tinder: The Ultimate Guide

Hook up culture is on fire right now. No matter how many developers create dating apps, millennials will always end up turning them into hook-up apps instead, such as with the case of Tinder. But are apps like Tinder just used for hooking up? Users on the Whatsgoodly app recently posted a variety of polls relating to Tinder, which the team has combined into a “Tindergraphic” below.


How do you use Tinder?

Since 40% of respondents said they use Tinder for other reasons, we’d love to hear how you use the app. Let us know in the comments below!

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Christine Celis

Christine is a 20-something who has no idea what to do with her life after choosing to become a Linguistics and Literature major. She's now battling a major quarter-life crisis. Her days are mostly composed of writing, smoking, spoiling her pug, Chip, to death and swiping left a lot on Tinder. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram

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