80% of college students would rather grab a beer with Bernie than Hillary

Although Sanders is the oldest candidate for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Presidency, he Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 8.28.15 PMcertainly isn’t out of touch with millennials.

In a recent nationwide poll on Whatsgoodly, the community polling app for college students, over 1,800 users voted on a poll of which Democratic nominee would be a better candidate with whom to grab a beer.

An overwhelming 80% of respondents voted that they’d rather get a beer with Bernie Sanders, than with Hillary Clinton. 

Whereas 83% of males preferred Sanders over Clinton, 75% of females chose Sanders.

Will Bernie Sanders Win The Democratic Nomination? 

It’s true, on the surface a poll about happy hour may seem purely lighthearted in nature. But, does the data reveal a deeper insight into the youth vote?

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.25.18 PM

According to the U.S. Census, millennials represent a quarter of the population of the United States and are more diverse than previous generations with over 44% being from an ethnic minority. 

Will these millennials turn out for the upcoming primaries? After all, 19% of the 2012 Presidential vote did come from the 18-29 demographic. Could these voters spell victory for Sanders in the Democratic Primary?

If so, the only question left will be, “Would you rather have a beer with Sanders or Trump?” 

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