Totally random insights that will blow your mind

Thousands of polls are posted every day to Whatsgoodly by the community. Some polls are political in nature, while others seek to find some insight into dating on a particular campus.  

Others, how shall we say…are more interesting. Who are these deep thinkers out there having these intense thoughts? Will we ever know?  

Check out these totally random polls that will make you think twice! retainers_whatsgoodly

1. Do you still wear your retainers?retainers_poll

First, let’s break this data down into people who probably should be wearing retainers (25% never had them). 

In actuality, 49% of people who had retainers never wear them. 





2. Do you like it when people talk to you on airplanes?

airplane_talk_pollIf you’ve ever wondered whether or not you should chat up the cute person next to you on the plane, chances are—probably not.

A whopping 61% of people do not enjoy airplane small talk, whereas 33% actually enjoy it.

Only 7% of users admitted to being the talker. 




3. How do you unwrap your straws?

Seriously now, who is coming up with these polls? Keep them coming. We love the randomness!

So, if you’ve ever wondered how other people unwrap their straws—now we have a definitive answer.straw_unwrap_poll

Approximately 64% of people bang the straw on the counter.

Only 36% take the time to tear off one end.




4. When you brush your teeth, do you start on the bottom or the top?

random_question_teeth_pollYou’ve probably never pondered this one before, huh?

As it turns out, the bottom-first-brushers and the top-first-brushers are nearly equally split, with just slightly more users brushing their teeth starting with the top.




5. Have you ever wondered if you’ve bought milk from the same cow?


And for the really deep thinkers out there, there’s this poll that questions everything you thought you knew.

Indeed, have you ever wondered whilst drinking a nice cold glass of milk, whether or not your icy beverage is actually the product of multiple cows?

Unsurprisingly, 51% of respondents said that they’re wondering about it now.



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