How many girls would get plastic surgery if it were free?

There’s no denying that we all love free stuff. Whether it’s free food, free gear, or even the occasional free hug—you know that you’d go for it.   But, would you take someone up on a free offer that is a bit more extreme?   girls_plastic_surgery_poll

Over a thousand girls from across the nation voted on a Whatsgoodly poll posted by a user from the University of Michigan which asked if they would get free plastic surgery.

Surprisingly, just over half of the respondents said that yes, they would get free plastic surgery, while 47% of girls responded that they would not.

So, what kinds of plastic surgery would girls opt for? Users responded and voted up comments for liposuction, [breast augmentation], nose, and even breast reduction.


Other users commented that they would opt for the free plastic surgery for less cosmetic reasons.


And some users wouldn’t opt for the free plastic surgery at all due to the rather suspicious nature of freebies.


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