Would you rather get a 4.0 or actually learn something?

Achieving a 4.0 in university is more difficult than it may seem. However, there are still those rare students who end up with a perfect GPA at the end of college.   Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 3.24.34 PM

But, how much of that 4.0 was based upon rote memorization? To what extent does a 4.0 GPA determine that you’ve actually learned anything at all?

A Whatsgoodly poll from a user at Illinois State sought to find answers to these questions and asked students if they’d rather have a 4.0 or actually learn something.

Over 1,800 students from across the nation made their voice heard in this poll.

Surprisingly, 71% of students said that they would take the 4.0 over the knowledge. And only 29% said they were, “actually here to learn.”



As a society, are we putting more emphasis on the perfect grade, rather than actual learning? Find out what users had to say in the comments.college_poll_grades_or_mastery

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