Data Proves Bloomberg Has A Shot At Presidential Bid

A fiscally conservative and socially moderate choice for President of the United States? Who would have ever imagined such a thing?

One user on the Whatsgoodly social polling app imagined just that and polled users from across the country to see who they would rather vote for: Trump, Clinton, or Bloomberg.


The, “Will Bloomberg run for President?” question is about as speculative as they come. Since 2006, newspapers such as The New York Times have been running pieces about whether or not Bloomberg is running. 

In 2008 Bloomberg himself penned a piece in The New York Times making a clearly outlined case for his Independent candidacy. However, he later removed himself from the race. Since then, he’s been denying rumors that he’ll ever run for President.

With Republicans and Democrats alike pondering the impending possibility of Trump winning the Republican nomination, people are again look to Bloomberg.


Data Breakdown Per Gender

This particular politically themed poll on the Whatsgoodly app garnered more votes from males. Nearly 1,000 additional guys voted on this poll, which may show that Bloomberg strikes a particular chord with males.

Indeed, Bloomberg came out on top with the male demographic with 40.8% of their overall support.

Females, on the other hand, skewed towards Hillary with 41.6% of the female vote.

Trump faired particularly well with males at Southern universities, taking in nearly 38% of the male vote.

Trump faired the worst with females with only 22% of the vote.


Data Breakdown Per University

More colleges swing towards Bloomberg, with 23 universities reporting. Notable colleges include Cornell, Vanderbilt, and Notre Dame.

Only 12 colleges swing Clinton, with universities including William & Mary, UCLA, and Berkeley.

Trump garnered the votes of the students at 12 colleges, as well. Colleges swinging Trump include Southern schools like the University of Texas, the University of Missouri, and Texas A&M.


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