Are you having as much sex as the average college student?

Wondering how you measure up against college students across the country in regards to sex? Look no further!

Whatsgoodly is an app that gives you the power to ask any question to people at your campus and see how they respond. You can use the app for a variety of questions ranging from politics to campus events, and of course sex-related questions.

We aggregated poll data from the college campuses across the country to highlight sex trends amongst students. Warning: the information you’re about to see is seriously shocking.

10,000+ responses from students across the U.S.

Infographic how college students have sex

Trust no one

Yes, you read the infographic correctly. Not only have 70% of college students never been tested for an STD, but 14% actually admit that if they had an STD they may not tell their partner.

Additionally, some user comments like the one below showed that you can’t always trust what your partner may be telling you.


Guy admits lying to sex number

So, use this data. Tell your friends. Stay safe out there!

See even more crazy questions & answers on the app

Download the free Whatsgoodly app for free and browse all the user-submitted polls in your local area, as well as globally. Be warned—it’s quite addictive! 

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