Over 5,000 Students Explain How They Date & Hookup

What exactly are the norms for dating and hooking up for America’s university students?

The results are in and over 5,000 university students have responded to a number of polls posted on the Whatsgoodly app regarding their beliefs about dating.

Check out the full results in the Hookup Culture infographic:


Dating and Hookup Culture Explained

First up, how long should one wait before contacting their ex after a breakup? College girls and college guys responded equally on this one—wait a couple weeks before picking up the phone to text your ex.

For the next poll, responses from college guys and girls started to differ. The question: When it comes to sex, what do you prefer? 67% of college guys responded that they prefer casual sex, compared to only 29% of college girls. College girls chimed in that they prefer sex in a relationship with 51% of female respondents voting for this answer choice. Only 8% of both guys and girls responded that they would wait until marriage.

But, even though girls seem to prefer sex in relationships, that doesn’t mean that they prefer hands-off flirtation. When asked what is the sexiest way for guys to flirt at frats/bars, 52% of girls responded that they prefer being touched in a flirtatious way. So guys, don’t be afraid to show some PDA with your bae.

Guys have a couple go-to maneuvers for approaching girls at parties. According to one Whatsgoodly poll, 33% of guys said they would approach the girl at a party, while 31% said they would try to make eye contact. So girls, be alert for eye contact from guys who may be too shy to approach you at parties. 

Ask your own question on the Whatsgoodly app

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