Does alcohol lead to sexual assault?

By now we’ve all heard about the former Stanford University student, Brock Turner, who was sentenced to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on campus. You’ve undoubtedly heard the discussion both on and offline regarding the – as some would put it – light sentence Turner received.

Unfortunately, sexual assault is an incredibly relevant topic for today’s college students. According to a report by the National Institute of Justice, which has also been cited by the White House, one in every five college women are sexually assaulted.

Over 4,000 Whatsgoodly users at campuses across the country have been turning to the app to poll their peers to find out not only how they feel about the Brock Turner case, but about sexual assault on their campuses in general. Hop on your campus feed, or check out the global feed to make your voice heard on this important topic.

Warning: You may be surprised by the results to these questions

Whatsgoodly Poll #1: Do you think victims of sexual assault share the blame if they’re drunk?

brock turner blog image 2Over 1,280 Whatsgoodly users responded to this poll with 55%  that victims of sexual assault definitely do not share the blame if they’re drunk. However, 11% of respondents said that the victims of sexual assault absolutely share the blame if they’re drunk, while 34% felt it depends on the situation. 

Some users explained their rationale in the comments, with one user explaining that alcohol may cause one to lose their inhibitions, but not be the root cause of someone doing something against their own personal set of morals.

Be sure to check out the comments section to see the full debate.

brock turner blog image 1


Whatsgoodly Poll #2: Do you think alcohol could make you do something you wouldn’t normally do?

brock turner blog image 5Turner’s defense team used his level of intoxication as a defense for his behavior, which was one of the factors that led the judge to punish him with a lighter sentence.

So, is there a pervasive attitude that alcohol indeed causes or is one of the underlying causes of sexual assault. And the majority of over 2,800 Whatsgoodly users who responded to this poll agree.

A surprising 39% of users believe that alcohol could make you do, “pretty much anything,” while 56% believe alcohol can make you do things you normally wouldn’t, but, “only to a certain extent.”Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 5.08.20 PM

So where does the truth lie? Does alcohol actually contribute to sexual assault?


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