Surprising Insights into The Mind of a College Girl

Ah, the quintessential question of the American male, “What on earth are women really thinking?” 

Society often makes girls’ brains out to be total mysteries in comparison to the so-called simple and straightforward minds of men.

So, is there any way to see how women really think and feel?

The following series of Whatsgoodly polls give a unique insight into the minds of women. Because Whatsgoodly polls are anonymous, app users can ask and answer questions without societal pressure to conform. So, the answers reveal some pretty interesting insights about women.

Perhaps women don’t think as differently as we may have been taught to believe.

Girls prioritize sex more often than you think…Whatsgoodly Story Girls Image 1

One Whatsgoodly user from the University of Arizona asked; “If everything about a guy was
average except for one thing listed below, it would be?” Over  4,950 girls from across the country responded with 45% choosing “best sex of your life.”

Not so different from the response one might expect from a guy, huh?

…Sex with both you and themselves

Porn is seen as an industry targeted to men, where women are subjected to whatever it is men will get off to next. However, polls reveal that this is not the case. College-aged girls enjoy watching porn much more frequently than society believes.girls_watched_porn_poll

77% of girls responded that they watch porn, with an additional 3% saying they watch everyday. Not only do girls like porn, many girls voted on whether they are interested in girl on girl porn specifically.

75% of girls responded that it is normal for girls to like girl on girl porn, and again an additional 3% responded; “yes definitely.”

So, take note guys, you aren’t the Pornonly ones enjoying porn – or some girls on girl action. 

We’ve all seen the scene in American Pie where Jim gets hisjunk comfortable inside of a pie for his personal pleasure, but apparently guys aren’t the only ones who use untraditional items as sex toys.

Girls were asked if they have ever repurposed a common household item as a sex toy and a surprising 30% said they had. 

Sex toyAnother poll asked girls “best thing to masturbate with besides a dildo?” with the options of hairbrush, makeup brush, fingers, or other. While the majority, 73% voted fingers, three different users commented shower-head, and some others shared their insights on using the previous tools listed below.

Whatsgoodly Story Girls Image 11Whatsgoodly Story Girls Image 10

Girls want it to last, but not forever

According to another Whatsgoodly poll, girls prefer sex to be on the shorter side. When asked; “How long is your ideal time to have sex?” the results were quite interesting

  • 47% of girls voted 15 minutes
  • 43% voted for 30 minutes
  • 6% voted for 45 minutes
  • only 4% voted for 60 minutes

So guys, if you can control yourself, try to keep it in the 15-30 minute range to please your girl.

Disclaimer: Sending dick pics isn’t a turn on.

Girls were asked “When y’all see a guy at the bar and you’re attracted to him do y’all try to check out his package/junk?” A surprising 47% of girls say they do.Whatsgoodly Story Girls Image 7

But, just because girls want to check you out, that doesn’t mean they want to see everything.

60% of girls answered that they do not enjoy getting dick pics, even if it is from an attractive guy. Yet guys still seem to send them – even without warning.

Over 1,120 girls responded to; “Have you ever gotten an unsolicited dick pic?” with a whopping 62% of girls responding yes.

So guys, we recommend you do not send dick pics – unless specifically asked.

Dick picUnsolicited dick pic

Hooking up with a girl that is way out of your league

Mariah Carey Touch my body

For those of you gentlemen out there who think that it’s impossible to get some action because that cute girl is way out of your league – don’t accept defeat just yet.Turned on by an ugly guy

One poll asked female users “Anyone else: Turned on by the thought of being way out of a guy’s league but hooking up with him because you know he’ll think your hot as fuck?” 

Well – 49% of users responded this does turn them on, and 20% of users saymaybe. So, fellas, there’s still a chance.

Girls aren’t always clingy

Whatsgoodly Story Girls Image 5Surprise! Girls aren’t always clingy – in fact, girls don’t want to hangout with guys all of the time.

Contrary to your belief, gentlemen.

When girls were asked, “What would you rather do?” the majority of girls responded that they’d prefer to go clothes shopping.

And although girls do like to shop 50% of over 1,330 girls went against the popular
phrase “beauty is pain,” voting that if they could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of their life they would choose crocs over high heels.FullSizeRender.jpg-6

So, comfort is key – but cleanliness isn’t?

65% of girls answered that they will wear a bra for a week or more before considering it dirty! Wow. I guess guys aren’t the only ones who don’t mind a little filth? Whatsgoodly Story Girls Image 3

So, is the mind of a college girl still that mysterious?

Hop on the app to vote on these polls and more, or ask your own question in complete anonymity.

Natalie Polan

Natalie Polan is a social media marketing intern and a student at Chapman University. She loves photography, writing, everything social, the beach, and hours of television.

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