Proof we’re all racist



We polled millennials to see if they’d hypothetically take a million dollars, even if a random child would die

Over 5,000 millennials across the country voted on the following polls, with one catch. Half of the users got a poll that said “child” while the other half got a poll with only one simple addition—“African child”.

Surprisingly, 27% of students would take the money and kill the kid.

Check out the interactive web poll below, or download the free Whatsgoodly app to start voting anonymously at your campus.


37% would take the money if the child were African

Yes, you read correctly. Respondents were 10% more likely to kill the child if the wording of the poll read, “African child.”   

This poll reveals may reveal that college students hold an unconscious racist bias—whether they know it or not. 


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