Save money in college with these spending hacks


Whether you’re bankrolled by your parents or you’re bussing tables at the local Denny’s, learning how to budget, spend, and save your money can be a challenge. The following polls from the Whatsgoodly app comprise over 10,000 responses from students at colleges across the country. This crowdsourced intel should help you to save some money this semester.

Go Dutch on first dates

So you finally asked out your Bio partner. This is it, your one big chance to impress and either live happily ever after or die forever alone. You better roll out the red carpet treatment for your first date, right? Wrong. According to a poll posted by a user at Notre Dame, most girls responded that they’re actually pretty down to split the check on a first date. Who knew?

Resist the urge to drunk purchase

Unless you’re high rolling on that Taco Bell Dollar Menu, chances are that you shouldn’t be spending those dollar dollar bills while drunk. After all, sites like Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay prey on college students, which is why drunk online shopping is more dangerous than ever before. And if you wake up the next day with a mystery parcel on your front porch, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Drink affordably

And if you are planning on getting blackout drunk to make that ridiculous Amazon Prime purchase, make sure you do it on cheap beer. Whatsgoodly users agree—the best of beers is the cheapest of beers.

Don’t skimp on the truly important stuff

As this poll from a Whatsgoodly user at the University of Washington illustrates, nobody wants to give up sex, or drinking just to save money. Most importantly, if you’re trying to save money, don’t skimp on condoms. Not convinced? Check out our infographic on how college students have sex.

Put aside a little extra every paycheck

It may be a bit boring, but it’s true—just working and saving money is a sure fire way to save up enough for that spring break vacay you’ve been dreaming of. If you get paid every two weeks, simply put aside $50 every paycheck, and you’ll have over $800 by spring. Just don’t dip into the savings before the time comes.

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