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WhatsgoodlyRankMany would argue that college isn’t complete without partying—that partying is actually a quintessential cornerstone of the American collegiate experience. Whatsgoodly struck out to investigate the college party scene by comparing votes from over 8,000 student responses from the Whatsgoodly app. Check out the top 10 party schools below!

Here’s how we ranked the schools

We used three questions to determine the top party schools in the U.S. 


We polled students across the nation using three distinct polls aimed at measuring student opinions regarding partying at their university. 

Now, on to the list!

 Whatsgoodly Rank: The Top 10 Party Schools



#1 Indiana University

There’s something different about the colleges in the Midwest. Students love to party harder and more frequently than normal. Bloomington is no exception to this stereotype, with 87.81% of surveyed students claiming a party life that occurs 2-5 nights a week (#1 overall in USA).

This small town is filled with a HUGE 40,000 student population, so the students at U of Indiana know how to get creative with their partying.

In the past year, five IU fraternities have been suspended or expelled for violations of alcohol policies, so maybe a bit too creative?

Indiana University students: Your dedication to mayhem is why you ranked #1. Now go celebrate with a party?


#2 University of Wisconsin uofwisconsin_party_school_whatsgoodly_poll_480

There aren’t many places like Madison on a college football game day. Breese Terrace, and its transformation into house party central, is one-of-a-kind, and is accompanied by the beer gardens on Regent Street, which are always full of rabid Badgers fans.

From the Wisconsin students polled, 91.8% stated they saw Wisconsin as the top party school in the nation (#3 overall in USA).

University of Wisconsin students are known for the enduring dedication and courage they display when the drinking begins, as most students are passed out before the games start…even with Wisconsin’s home games starting at 11 o’clock.


#3 University of Arizona 


Out of town students might say that the Tucson scene isn’t up to par with ASU, but they’re dead wrong. While U of A students know how to hit the books, 96.91% of U of A students polled proudly named their school the top party school (#1 overall in USA), showing off their horde-like mentality towards partying.

Downtown Tucson, Congress Street, and Fourth Avenue all have a bar or club for just about any sort of personality, and the Greek life is well known for throwing some seriously wild parties.

Dubbed the “School of the wet and wild,” U of A supposedly won this reputation from the annual pool party held by Sigma Alpha Epsilon, which of course features a 65,000-gallon pool, fully-functional waterfall, and the always faithful fake tree house “butt hut.” 


#4 University of Illinois

uofillinois_party_school_whatsgoodly_poll_480Similar to U of A, Illinois is proud of their partying culture,
88.57% also naming their school the top party school in the nation. (#5 overall in USA). Champaign, IL offers a plethora of partying that includes a gargantuan Greek life, the Pygmalion Festival (which has a music lineup rivaling the nation’s best festivals), and bars like Highdive and the Canopy Club, who are known for hosting the best acts in Chicago.

But come March, all hell breaks loose during Saint Patrick’s Day, when thousands of students skip class to start the day-drinking debaucheries at sunrise; continuing until they actually believe they have become Irish.


#5 University of Texas at Austin 

universityoftexas_party_school_whatsgoodly_poll_480Austin, Texas is known around the world as a weird and crazy place that never fails to deliver a kickass party. While Sixth Street is the bread and butter of the young and rowdy, Rainey Street is quickly becoming the go-to for upperclassmen and the “sophisticated”. The Greek scene is the better-known crown jewel of the UT party scene, and is responsible for the insane Round-Up Weekend, where every fraternity shows off their levels of rage and competes to see who can have the biggest party (budget).

The streets are filled with neon tanks, fanny packs, and beautiful women from around the nation running from party to party. The UT party scene is powered by the gigantic Frat Houses spread throughout West Campus, and a bar scene that can compete with Bourbon. The size and scale of the Austin party allows all 55,000 students plenty of opportunities to let loose and have fun.


#6 University of Virginia uofvirginia_party_school_whatsgoodly_poll_480

The University of Virginia, or Mr. Jefferson’s University as the insiders call it, is well known for their academic prowess, but more importantly for their nefarious and wild parties. Greek life is prominent at UVA, boasting around 30% membership of the student body. 

Amongst polled UVA students, over 80% proudly stated they party an avg. of 2-5 nights a week (#4 overall in USA).  Charlottesville, VA may not be Los Angeles, but it still has more than its fair share of great music venues, beautiful women, and rivers of beer to drink from. Thomas Jefferson would be proud.


#7 University of Michiganumichigan_party_school_whatsgoodly_poll1_480

“The Michigan difference.” This catchphrase works because it’s true—those damn Wolverines study hard, and party so much harder. The Michigan party world thrives on old traditions like “The Pit,” a shared backyard between frat houses known for it’s rowdy Saturday-morning tailgating.

House parties galore are found in Ann Arbor, with students rolling the kegs to the party down the street after their party gets shut down. Win or lose, Michiganders still booze, giving the Wolverines the prestigious award for “Most Ambiguously Proud School Spirit”.


#8 San Diego State University 

The Whatsgoodly app polled the students of San Diego State sandiegostate_party_school_whatsgoodly_poll_360and discovered that over 1/4th of them felt that partying should always come before academics (#7 overall in USA), and this is definitely backed up by their strong frat scene. While the Greek parties generally get all the attention, house parties frequently occur just as often as the frat throw-downs.

Also, Mexico is just a few miles South, so there is always the option to cut loose across the border. Beyond these parties most don’t realize there is still shit to do like La Jolla, Pacific Beach, and downtown San Diego to keep you company. This solidifies SDSU as a gem of a college, as well as highly underrated as a party school.


#9 Southern Methodist University 


When it comes to “going out” in Dallas, things can get a bit confusing with the around 2,000 bars within the Dallas County line. This includes the infamous Idle Rich Pub, and the hip Avenue bar. Both of which could explain how the nickname “Southern Methodist Millionaire’s University” came to be.

It comes down to who can ball out the hardest, and in college that means great parties. Lastly, The Boulevard. The hot and sweaty mess that all students associate with and love. I’ll go ahead and dry clean my sear-sucker for the (hopefully improved) next season of Mustang Football.


trumanstate_party_school_whatsgoodly_poll1_360#10 Truman State 

Welcome to Kirksville, MO, located right smack in the middle of fucking nowhere. The school is boasted as the “Harvard of the Midwest” and known for their enduring Christian values, which usually doesn’t make for a great party school…Truman State is an exception.

They love football, Jesus, Budweiser, and 34.22% of students prioritize partying over academics (#2 overall in USA). At Truman, the Greek life is known to rule the partying, which is proudly open to all students, Greek or not. This congregation might explain why partying is such a cultural, and proud, past time of Truman students. Because honestly, what the hell else are they going to do?


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Our poll data is precise, but to call this list complete would be a dishonor to the campuses around the nation not on this list. Giving a bottom line of this: we all party during college one way or another, for some it’s a culture, while for others it’s a way to escape the stress of academics.

However, one thing all students have in common, is an undying thirst to let loose and party before reality kicks in after graduation.

Get on the Whatsgoodly app to question, debate, and reveal the schools and parties you think should be on the list and make your voice heard.

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