9 First Date Facts

Thursday’s here and tomorrow’s that big date you’ve been looking forward to all week. Doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, we’ve all been there.  With a million questions running through your mind, Whatsgoodly’s here with the largest database of millennial opinions to help you get answers to big dating questions.  Read on to discover the best first date facts for helping you crush the date!

First off when’s the last you had a date with someone:



Best first date:


Should he text her leading up to the date?


Showing up with flowers:


Who should pay:


First date fails, do they even matter?



How far:


First date worst date:


And maybe you don’t have a first date right now, but here’s a little something for you to get the ball rolling:



From all of us at Whatsgoodly: GOOD LUCK! For more, join other students in the world’s fastest growing anonymous polling app and gain access to over 140,000,000 millennial opinions. From sexting, politics, and long distance relationships, answer all your questions with Whatsgoodly: Ask the Unaskable!

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