14 Hilarious Topics Both Trump and Clinton Supporters Agree On

This past election has proven to be one of the most controversial in recent times with Clinton and Trump supporters disagreeing on almost every point. However, after surveying thousands of supporters of both candidates, we’ve compiled 14 hilarious topics that majority of Trump and Clinton supporters both agree on and have included the percentage for each!

  1. Pineapple on pizza does not belong in America: 62% – Trump, 53% – Clinton


      2. Toilet paper goes up and over the front as opposed to down and behind the back: 71% – Trump, 75% – Clinton


  1. It’s not okay to ask your girlfriend for a “three-way” for Christmas: 61% – Trump, 79% – Clinton


  1. Slow walkers are the worst: 77% – Trump, 77% – Clinton


  1. Visiting Jurassic Park in real life would be dope: 62% – Trump, 57% – Clinton


  1. Taylor Swift takes break ups worse than Drake: 62% – Trump, 62% – Clinton


  1. Inception was literally the biggest mindfuck ever: 31% – Trump, 34% – Clinton (plurality)


  1. Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. blinks, not winks: 60% – Trump, 63% – Clinton


  1. The Warriors blew the biggest lead in the past year: 61% – Trump, 63% – Clinton


  1. Living in a kangaroo pouch would be cool but having your own baby kangaroo would be cooler: 64% – Trump, 67% – Clinton


  1. Running into your one night stand is the most awkward thing ever: 54% – Trump, 59% – Clinton


  1. The greatest aspiration for a potato is to become french fries: 38% – Trump, 46% – Clinton (plurality)


  1. Harrison Ford’s greatest role was Han Solo and not Indiana Jones: 59% – Trump, 61% – Clinton


    14. Movie theatre popcorn is scary overpriced: 68% – Trump, 70% – Clinton


Want to see the survey questions we asked to obtain this data? Check them out here!

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