The 8 Worst Pick Up Lines of All Time

Almost every guy has tried at some point to use a pick up line to woo the girl of their dreams. Some one-liners will work better than others, but after surveying thousands of millennials, we’ve ranked the 8 worst pick up lines.

#8. “Do you work at Subway? Because you just gave me a footlong”

While working at Subway may be a job that pays, this is one pick up line that does not. Maybe you would have better luck at Quiznos… 

#7. “I like every bone in your body, especially mine”

Really? What made you think this would work? Having confidence is great, but we’re fairly confident ourselves that this line won’t work.  

#6. “You look like my next boyfriend/girlfriend”

This sounds a bit desperate. If this is what you’re asking when you first meet the person, odds are good you’ll end up proposing by the end of the first date. 

#5. “I lost my phone number, can I have yours?”

First off, I don’t think getting their number is really going to help you find your own. Second, what happens if they ask for yours? 

#4. “Are you from Ireland? Because my penis is Dublin”

The pun is about a 5/10, but the pick up line itself? 3/10. Also the line will probably only work if the girl actually is from Dublin, Ireland. 

#3. “How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice”

This pick up line isn’t good enough to break the ice, regardless of how heavy you claim your “polar bear” to be. 

#2. “Is your dad a terrorist? Because you’re the bomb”

Let’s be honest, if their dad is a terrorist, you shouldn’t be breaking their heart anytime soon. You’re better off finding a date with the President’s daughter.

#1. “Does this smell like chloroform?”

Yeah, not sure if anyone will ever bite on this line, or even stick around to talk after hearing it. Of course never use a real chloroform rag when attempting to use this pick up line.

HONORABLE MENTIONS – Comments section for worst pick up lines

“Can you help me solve this? X + U = 25. X must be 15 because U are a 10”

“Are you a gorilla exhibit because I wanna drop a child in you”

My phone is locked and it keeps telling me the password is your number


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