5 Tips for Date Night You Need to Know!

Valentine’s Day may be here, but even during the other 364 days of the year it helps to understand the ins and outs of date night if you really want to wow your significant other. In order to help you out, Whatsgoodly polled over four thousand guys and girls to find out the best tips for date night!

1. When deciding what to do for date night, it’s always good to make your plans a surprise. Both boys and girls resoundingly agreed that setting up the unexpected makes for a much more exciting and enjoyable date.

2. When it comes to what you’ll actually do on this date, 40% of guys are interested in a romantic night followed by “tons of sex,” however the same percentage of girls would prefer to watch movies and cuddle.

3. Now if you do decide to go the dinner date route, the man normally picks up the check. BUT in actuality more than half of girls think the couple should alternate who pays each date.

4. Over 60% of girls agreed, you should never make post-date plans without your date. While shotgunning with your bros after a romantic dinner sounds fun and all, who knows, you might get lucky…

5. At the end of the night, don’t be afraid to go for it! More than half of all girls polled think that not getting a goodnight kiss is a clear sign that you’re just not into her. Make your move! 

Now that you know the best tips for date night, go out and crush it! From all of us at Whatsgoodly, we wish you luck! If you’re interested in learning more dating tips, check out these first date facts!

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Kieran Coughlin

Kieran is a Content and Growth intern at Whatsgoodly, based in the Silicon Valley. Originally from Manhattan Beach, CA, he now attends Santa Clara University while pursuing a degree in Political Science and Economics. His interests are volleyball, music, travel, and the beach.

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