Have You Ever Sent a Nude? If So, Study Shows You’re Not Alone

“Have you ever sent a nude?” What may have been an extremely obscure question only years ago has become not so strange a thing to ask at all. Innovations in phone and camera technology have changed our society and one unintended consequence has been the rise of sexting, or for the few who may not know, exchanging nude photos and sexually explicit messages. If you have ever sent a nude, you’re not alone. In fact, based on new data from Whatsgoodly, you’re in the majority.

In a 12,028 person survey of US millennials, over half (52%) admitted to having sent a naked photo.

Looking closer at the data, the split is almost even between men and women. 54% of female respondents admitted to sending a nude compared to 50% of male respondents. The survey also compared high school vs. college. Surprisingly, high schoolers are more likely to have sent a nude (55%) than college students (50%). This could suggest that the trend is growing among the younger generations.

With 52% of US millennials having sent a nude, it is undeniable that sexting has become an ingrained practice in today’s culture. The ease with which a naked photo can be sent and its risqué nature has lured everyone from high schoolers to Hollywood celebs into participating. With these surprising statistics and continued development in technology, it seems likely that sending nudes will only further cement its place in our society in the coming years. 

To see a table view of the results, click here and for more information on the survey, contact thomas@whatsgoodly.com


Results for this survey were collected from 12,028 US millennials between July 7, 2015, and April 27, 2017. For results based on the total sample of US millennials, the margin of sampling error is ±1 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.


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